Vita-Natura Soaps is coming to Earth Day Chilliwack for their debut!

Earth Day Chilliwack is so excited for this couple and their new venture Vita-Natura Soaps! I love handmade soap and support everyone who makes it;)

Earth Friendly Vita-Natura Soaps!

The first principle of earth-friendliness about Vita-Natura Soaps is that they are products of a small and simple home-based handcrafting business outfit – away from the denaturing environment of machines. Produced in the same domestic setting/chemistry as preparing oatmeal, Vita-Natura Soaps do not pollute the environment.

The Soaps, Vita-Natura (meaning vitality naturally) are made from organic and inorganic materials: Cocoa and Shea Butters, Palm Kernel and Coconut Oils and exfoliating minerals. In sourcing and using these materials, utmost respect is paid to the principle of sustainability of the earth, which is necessary for the continuity of the products.

As products of these non-synthetic materials, Vita-Natura Soaps do not only perform the conventional cleansing work of soap, they also nourish the skin deeply. This is because in the chemistry of their production, Vita-Natura soaps incorporate glycerin into the items naturally. By being different from most popular soaps which being synthetic, lack glycerin, Vita-Natura Soaps are holistically pro-health: a basic principle in earth care.

Finally, the makers of Vita-Natura Soaps are naturalists and social change makers, as preventive healthcare herbalists, community development workers with passion for justice and peace on earth, and as simple lifestyle advocates. These attributes are all central to earth friendliness.

If you want to be a vendor or volunteer contact Dayna at



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